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The Wonderful Village of Piletas

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hola amigos around the world (I have learned much Spanish since arriving in Honduras)!! We wish you were here in Honduras with us as we are having a fabulous time here at Casa de Alfredo. This morning we started our day with breakfast with the staff where we were fortunate enough to meet all those working behind the scenes at FOBF here in Honduras. We were able to enjoy a perfect blend of Honduran and American food, which included everything between beans and pancakes!

As we set out for our second Day of clinic, our morning was quickly delayed with a pit stop at the automotive center. For all of those wondering, it's not a true medical brigade unless you have a flat tire… Or TWO!!! Thankfully this team is a pro and we were able to quickly remedy the problem and get back on the road to the wonderful village of Piletas.

The theme of the day was Sweat Box, as it was a hot one in the clinic today. In this village we saw courage and great strength as the obstacles they have overcome are many. Highlights of the day included seeing an 86 year old lady who traveled to the clinic, prayer and gifting of crosses to two very special patients, and of course time spent painting nails and playing soccer with the ninos. We also must mention how much we enjoyed the delicious fresh guacamole that our staff prepared for our lunch.

After arriving back home this evening we enjoyed dinner and devotions where Dr. Will once again graciously serenaded us with song. Thank you to Tony who also prepared his specialty pizza for the staff of FOBF. We graciously anticipate the adventures tomorrow will bring and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for us and His people in Honduras.

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