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A Day of Adventure

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good evening from Honduras. Day two was a fun filled day full of adventure. We started off the day with breakfast as a group and counting pills in preparation for the week. After the hard work was done, we headed out to see some of what Honduras had to offer. We took a trip to the botanical gardens where we saw native plants, hiked up a mountain, relaxed in a hammock and tasted native fruits. A group favorite was the "giant lemon". As quoted by a team member, "it will make your pucker pucker". We then took a trip to the grocery store before heading home for lunch.

A quick turnaround got us back on the road heading towards Pulhapanzak where we enjoyed a beautiful waterfall and eight brave souls conquered the zip lines over the falls. The zip line was rushed due to a pending thunderstorm but Luckily the last zip liner finished just as the rain started. After stopping at home for a quick shower, we headed out to a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. As we piled in the van to head home for a much deserved slumber, we were delayed by an unexpected flat tire. Luckily we had a spare in the back and plenty of strong muscles to get it on the van. We ended the night with a devotion where we discussed the Kingdom of God and were reminded to look for God's Kingdom in the people of Honduras. And as if that weren't enough blessings in one day, we also received the remainder of our duffels today. Looking forward to our first clinic tomorrow!

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