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The Hidden Gem

A Gem is defined as a precious or semi-precious stone, with precious meaning worth. In a word, this is Honduras. The Los Robles Mountain Medical Team 2017, consists of 18 individuals from different backgrounds, medical and non-medical. Some have served here before and others who have ventured out of their daily routines to experience, what I consider to be a gift.

We arrived at Alfredo House today and were welcomed with open arms by the extraordinary and humble staff. Quickly we reloaded and headed to a hike leading to a tropical ceremonial ground. Stopping to try fruits and learning about the different uses for some, including hypertension and diabetes. The land provides such an abundance of nutrition and healing.

We gathered once again at Alfredo house for medication sorting, a quick tour of the Extended Care Program lodging, then finalized with receiving individual crosses that we will offer during the week.

There is a feeling this opportunity with Friends of Barnabas brings in Honduras that is indescribable. We anticipate and dream for months and yet we will not come close to what we will actually see, feel and experience. There is no ONE feeling. There is no ONE description that fits. We are so often thanked by the beautiful people here. What they don't know is the gift is OURS. By the end of the week, we will be thanking them for the opportunity THEY have provided US. The Hidden Gem, which IS Honduras.

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