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Another Great Day of Therapy, Assessments & Education

Journal 6 - Thursday July 27, 2017

Like all mission teams, we have reached a routine. New patients came for therapy, assessments were done, teaching was continuous and a little play was all mixed in. Our therapists even had a quick consult with a 2 month old Extended Care patient with Down Syndrome. Thesa was a great addition, keeping those waiting entertained, as well as doing some developmental assessments on the sly. We had no history on most of the patients seen today, so Thesa’s pre-therapy assessments were valuable.

The day began with our medical staff learning oral motor assessment and intervention techniques. Practicing on each other helps to make sure skills are learned accurately. It was lovingly called “massage class”.

There were many “ah ha” moments today also. Linda explained to the parents that there were many things that could be taught while making tortillas, and that those small things were pre-math and pre-reading skills. The look of surprise followed by excitement was great to see. Most parents want to understand how they can assist their children in the learning process. That is the goal of the Early Childhood Development Program.

Crosses were given to Angel David and Carlos. Angel David has apraxia, which is a disconnect between the brain’s signals and the muscles needed to form speech. Tracy was so impressed with how hard Angel David tried to form his words. He received her cross.

Carlos has lived a tough life in his 8 and a half short years. He was abandoned by his mother at birth, then given back to a family member by his foster mother after one year. He was abused in his next home. He now lives with a woman who truly cares for him and his welfare. She was so attentive as the therapist work with him. He quickly warmed up to Cori and won her heart. Carlos got Cori’s cross.

Our friends Tim and Corrine traveled home today. We will miss them, but are so thankful for all they did getting our new pediatric eye screening off and running.

Mix in a little Facebook Live, and you have a successful day. The night’s rain is washing off the toys, care plans are being written, and brains are beginning to wind down for the night. It is hard to believe tomorrow is the last day to work. Thank you from our small but well oiled machine!

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