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Holy Moments

Journal 5- Wednesday July 26, 2017

Holy moments

You never know when God will place a person in your path to remind you of His presence and your purpose. At FOB we call those “Holy Moments”.

Linda-Felix most likely is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Linda knows what it feels like to be a parent receiving that diagnosis. She was able to talk with Felix’s mother and give her hope that her boy would grow to be productive and successful. Linda’s cross went to Felix’s mom.

Tim-Sometimes all you have to do is be present and listen. When Amanda shared that her little cousin had recently passed away, Tim told Amanda that she brought the joy that others may have need at this time. Sharing in a theological discussion with an elementary school child can be a powerful experience. Amanda received a cross from Tim.

Thesa-Aaron obviously understands the symbols that point to Christ. When seeing the cross around Thesa’s neck, he repeated made the sign of the cross on himself. Thesa knew that cross was supposed to be his. Aaron’s grandmother was overwhelmed that Thesa shared such an important it items with such a small boy. He knew where his strength and hope came from.

Kelly-Axel tried so hard to do all the things he was asked to do. It was obvious he was discouraged by his stuttering. Kelly told him that she would pray for him, and that the cross she gave him should be a reminder that God held him tight in every circumstance.

Corrine-Suri just attached herself to Corrine. She wanted so badly to communicate and share a connection. Corrine gave her cross to Suri as a reminder that words are not always needed to connect.

Eye screening-69 screened with 5 referrals. Dra Moncada learned how to use the new device. We are all realizing what a gift this device will be to the children in our communities.

Even going out to share coffee together was a holy moment. Felix’s mother insisted on treating the team and the medical staff to the sweetest of thank you’s in a cup.

Holy moments…you never know….

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