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Team Chesterfield is on the Ground in Honduras

Journal 1

Monday, May 15, 2017

As we approached El Palmar, the community where we held our clinic today, we were speechless. It wasn't because of the bright green buildings of the school either. The school children were lined up in two lines waiting for us to get off our bus and when we did they cheered and said "buenos dias" while welcoming us into their school yard. We had a very successful day, but any day giving to those who may be in need is a successful day.

Today Aaron, one of our team nurses, was assigned a family with 8 children within the first two hours of clinic. Aaron and Pedro, one of our team translators, worked very well together with each of these children and both parents. I approached Aaron a few times throughout his time with this family; he was brightening each of the children's days with dinosaur stickers and a smile that could stick with you forever.

At the end of our clinic day Phyllicia, a student nurse on our team, found the sweetest little girl to play with. I should say the little girl found Phyllicia to play with. The young girl had this giggle that could tug at your heart from miles (or kilometers) away. The giggle was such a beautiful way to end our clinic day in El Palmar.

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