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Hearts are Opened

Journal 6

Today our team traveled to our fourth village, La Venada, Zacapa. Our mission trip this week would not be complete without some crazy adventure on the way to a village. Today was "THAT" day. First, was the tree stump that had fallen across our path. Two of our Honduran staff, Walter and Pedro, make quick work of that. Next came several small creeks that we had to zoom across.

The grand finale was the muddy road that almost did us in. We slid left, we slid right, and at one point nothing was moving except the spinning tires and flying mud. We were stuck! No need to fear with Marco in the driver's seat. We started back at the bottom of the hill and got a running start. With Marco's experienced touch, the team chanting GO! GO! GO! and a little tap of HIS toe on the back bumper "The Miracle Bus" and team were off again. We safely arrived at the small village of approximately 300 people.

With no doctor in the village they were happy to see us! Our medical clinic saw and treated a wide variety of issues from head to toe, but there was no medication more fast acting than just our smiles.

Out of the 177 people that we saw today, none stood out to the entire team more than a young man named William. As we were getting off the bus he greeted each of us with handshakes, hugs, and a slurred HOLA! Our hearts melted. The more we learned about William over the course of the day, the more we were moved and opened our hearts with love for this young man and his family. You see, William has severe brain damage. When he was only 9, and "normal", he was stung by an insect which resulted in encephalitis that went untreated. He is now 21. Dr. Judy gave him her cross and told him how loved he was. Amy H. gave away her cross to William's mother and told her how loved she was. I truly don't believe that any amount of rocks thrown at our hearts could break them or our love of William.

Our return to Casa de Alfredo was bumpy yet uneventful. Soon after our arrival back to the house the skies opened up providing this lush country with more water overflowing the house cistern. After some free time, we enjoyed a delicious tilapia dinner, sang Happy Birthday to Zora and celebrated her turning 13 with a birthday cake. Our devotion tonight was given by Dr. Jim.

We are all looking forward to a great night of sleep to prepare us for our last village tomorrow.

All is good, God is good.


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