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We Get More Than We Give

Journal 4

This morning we started off well-rested after a hard day yesterday and a good night's sleep. We walked down to a huge table and banquet breakfast - we joined all of the local FOB staff for a joint gringo-Honduran breakfast. We got to meet all of the wonderful employees who keep the Barnabas House running on a daily basis.

After an incredibly "adventurous" 1.5 hour drive, we arrived in the community of Corinto Meámbar. All of us were a bit taken aback and didn't realize we were in "town." Since it had just started raining, we (all clinics and patients) initially started out all squeezed into a two-room school house without lighting. An extremely generous and gracious resident cleaned his dirt floor home and eagerly welcomed the eye clinic inside to operate. What a tremendous man! Fortunately, the rain stopped soon and we in the deworming/vitamin clinic were able to move to an open space and give more room to the other clinics, although crowd control for the 200 residents was very tricky out there.

As opposed to the heartache of running out of time yesterday, we were so excited to get through ALL patients today! Since we had a bit of extra time, we spent time painting nails and playing tag with the sweet kiddos. We are thankful for our youngest team member, Zora, for getting the fun started! We left the village with hugs, waves, and "te amo".

Tonight I was eager for the house cook, Virginia, to teach me how to make a traditional Latin-American drink, horchata. This was a highlight of my day along with learning about this lovely lady's life.

As we sat around the table after dinner, team member Amy H. talked about a hard moment where a mother watched with anticipation as her children were fitted with a new pair of flip flops, something so simple yet she was so thrilled. We take so much for granted and it is easy to feel guilty over what we are seeing. Nury, the Honduran director of FOB, stopped Amy H. from saying another word and told us to never feel guilty, to never feel like we are not doing enough- we are to be grateful for what we have and to give what we can, because it is exactly what God has equipped us with.

I believe team member Dr. Judy summed it up best by saying, "we have received so much more than we have given."

Love In Christ,

Laura Dille

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