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Little Hearts Project - Mentor Team

Journal 3 - Surgery Day 3

Wednesday at Ruth Paz Hospital

On the surgery schedule today is 6 year old Dayani and 15 year old Fredy. After a slow start this morning, Dayani is now back in her room in the ICU after a successful VSD surgery. Her mom is watching anxiously from the doorway as the team gets her settled in her room.

Dayani is a pretty little thing, though she looks more like a four year old rather than a six year old. She has a sweet smile, which she flashed when Dr. Leonard gave her a quilt made with love by his mother's quilting group. It's even her favorite color!

Fredy is a tall boy, taller than me! His family has been waiting a very long time for his surgery, and his will be the second for today and the last one for this mentor team.

Meanwhile, Brisny and Obed are recovering well. Obed was bright-eyed and cooperative when Dr. Leonard and then Karen checked on him earlier today. Brisny is not gonna smile for me...I keep trying, though!

Early this morning, we had a walk in. A little girl named Zoe was brought to Ruth Paz by her mom, having heard through a friend that the Little Hearts Project was doing surgeries here this week. Zoe is two months old, and even this layperson could tell at a glance that she had a cardiac defect. Her skin is blue, and although she is eating and she looks like a good weight, her condition is serious and she needs treatment as soon as possible.

Because of the cancelations earlier this week, the team tried to see if they could do surgery on her today to put in a shunt. After much discussion and weighing all options, the team felt that it was in Zoe's best interest to wait and be transported to Tegucigalpa. Dr. Paz has been doing surgeries in Hospital Maria in Teguc to keep up his skills, and he believes that she would be best served there. We're disappointed we can't help her this week, though. Please pray for Zoe, that her transport to Hospital Maria goes smoothly.

Other than the excitement and then the disappointment of Miss Zoe today, everything else is going smoothly. Thank you for your prayers, they are most appreciated.

We need your help to ensure that children like Zoe, like Fredy, and like Duyani can receive these life-saving surgeries. You can make a donation by clicking the green button at the top of the page. Thank you for all you have already done for Friends of Barnabas and the Little Hearts Project.

~ Mary Beth

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