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Gracious and Grateful

Journal 3 - Tuesday

Today was both inspiring and encouraging, as we spent time for our second day with our village leaders, reviewing developmental skills on our screening forms from 18 months to 5 years. Our leaders asked excellent questions and brought up issues for the team to consider. The afternoon ended with the presentation of gift bags to the FOB Community leaders, as well as the parents who participated in mock interview situations.

We worked with children and their parents at the Barnabas House when we returned in the afternoon. The team did their magic, working and playing with the children while masterfully assessing their development. They were also figuring out what they could suggest and recommend to their parents, and to FOB doctor, Doctora Moncada.

Kristie, Kathy, and Fatima were so excited to see the progress that Emily has made in a year and how much her mother, Bessie, has done to follow the instructions that she had been given. The entire team pitched in and brought smiles to the children’s faces in addition to their parents as well as their own. They expertly shared with the parents what their children were doing well, in addition to areas where they could help them move their development forward with specific directions and examples.

It is so exciting to witness how the Honduran people are so gracious, grateful, and supportive of one another. We see these village leaders so empowered and recognize that their strength will be passed on to the people in their villages. They are passionate and so warm to all of us. The FOB staff are taking such great care of us, feeding us delicious food, as well as our guests who attended the training. Although we have experienced frequent periods without any electricity and hot water, our spirits are not dampened. We have seen some formidable lightning and thunder showers that have been mesmerizing in the late afternoon and early evening.

The team is absolutely hysterical with lots of time for laughter, playing Heads Up and Phase 10, and sharing confessions by choice. We are off to a mountain village tomorrow and looking forward to our adventure and the opportunities that will come with our visit. On behalf of the team, we greatly appreciate all of our families’ support for us to be experiencing this incredible week.

Sometimes, it takes being far from home and away from one’s normal routine to appreciate all that we have and honor those people who come into our lives and touch our hearts in a way that is not easily expressed.

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