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Ready for Anything - Even Puppets!

Chesterfield, VA

Mountain Medical Team

Traveling to La Venana Ceguaca was like driving through a John Steinbeck novel. Once a green, lush,

thriving agricultural area, La Venana Ceguaca now resembles the American midwest, circa 1930. Dust as far as the eye can see. Regardless of one's beliefs in the causes of global climate change, the effect can be seen here.

La Venana Ceguaca was eagerly waiting for our arrival with welcoming arms. Even though it is one of the most impoverished communities FOB serves, and even one of the most impoverished in Honduras, the community's resilience was clearly seen through their smiles and heard through their laughs.

Like many FOB teams, Team Chesterfield is comprised of licensed medical professionals, professionals in training, translators, and those who simply wish to serve. It's this last group, who while ready to take on any task, sometimes take a couple days to hit their stride. Looking around during the clinic on Thursday, everyone was in their element.

Remmie Arnold, contractor by trade, could be found sterilizing dental equipment while entertaining patients sitting in the dental chair. Amongst her many roles, Jean, a photo restorationist, photographed the families and assisted the fluoride team by engaging the children with stories and fingernail painting.

Lee, or Remmiesito, Janet's hijo (son), helped distribute glasses and provided families with the pictures Jean took and Nury printed on her mobile printer. For some families, this is the only photo they have, and it brought great joy to them to see.

And the smiles didn't stop there. Kristy and Nicole began the day by putting on their edu-tainer hats and teaching the children to brush their teeth with a puppet show and song. "Con el cepillo, cepillo, cepillo"(with the brush, brush, brush) could be heard through the community for the rest of the day.

Please pray for a wonderful final day and safe travels home as we disperse this weekend. Thank you for being part of our team!

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