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Look at the Little Hearts!

The Little Hearts Project

Mentor Team

Our first patients recovering from successful ASD surgeries are up and walking! This is Sharon and she is 3 years old. What a little princess! She was taking laps around the ICU earlier in her tiara...

Ramon was our second surgery yesterday and he slept all day long! We know that he is healing while he’s sleeping so we’re happy that this little guy is resting so well. Later in the day he was up and walking. It's important for the kids to walk - it improves their recovery process, though most are not very happy about it! Ramon is not smiling yet - but his mom sure is!

Seventeen year old Reyna has just arrived in the ICU from her surgery. She has been a patient in FOB’s Extended Care Program for three years. Her mother has said that she noticed Reyna got tired easily and had difficulty breathing as early as 8 years old. Upon enrollment in Extended Care, she was scheduled to visit a local cardiologist and was diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Today, Reyna finally received the surgery which she has long waited for. It will give her more energy than she is used to having. Reyna is a young mother and she’ll certainly need it.

And what a surprise we got today - a little girl who had surgery last September came to see us! This is a picture of Miss Deysi right after her surgery last year:

And here she is today with Erin, just 8 months after her surgery. Look at how she's grown! What a joy it is to see her looking so healthy, now that her heart is working correctly.

Thanks to each of you for your prayers and your financial support. It's because of you that kids like Deysi, and Sharon, and Ramon, and Reyna have a shot at a healthy life in Honduras. We can feel your prayers from here!

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