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14 Days Old, 103 Years Young

Southern Virginia (SoVa) Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 4

The team traveled several hours to a new village. Capiro, Comayagua was added to the program this year.

The villagers eagerly awaited our arrival by numbering their families and readying the volunteers to carry our medical supplies. The people were grateful for all the many services provided today.

Here are our six-word stories...

Maddie - You eat boxwood....Have Imodium nearby.

Teresa - Two wonderful, lovable, hospitable Honduran cooks.

Patricia - "Interpret this lab analysis for me."

Michael - Her stomach hurts when she overeats.

Nury - Mucha gente, comunidades nuevas esta semana.

Tonia- Honduras reveals a person's true nature.

Dr. Arita - Barbara and Maryena are great assistants.

Debby - Sweetest man today, 103 years young!

Becky - Limbs go into windows down mountains.

Martha - Children laugh when I mispronounce names.

Tammy - How do you fasten cloth diapers?

Taylor - Gave my cross to the guard!

Barb - Sweet old lady gave me hugs.

April - I shared medicine and Jesus today.

Maryena - Barbara is the best partner ever.

Bryce - I want to come back again.

14 days to 103 years old!

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