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Our Hands

Our hands are not just for ourselves… but for others.

Today, we started preparing even more mentally and physically for serving a people with astonishing need. Anointing services help inspire, support and challenge team members to consider the calling of how their hands, feet, minds and mouths might be best used for service to so many in need who will soon be seen.

Today’s service focused on our hands and the often overlooked, yet miraculous, way in which hands can work in displays of kindness as well as acts of violence, hurt and anger. We focused on remembering the works of mercy our hands have shown and also honoring them for the tiredness and aching they have known, the tears they have wiped away and the love they have given.

We ask for your prayers and thoughts as we voyage out to the community of Buenos Aires, one of the largest communities the team will serve this week. Jesus has no other hands but ours and we excitedly anticipate how he will use them in the upcoming days.

Works of love are works of peace. What I can do, you cannot; you can do things I cannot. Together we can do something beautiful for God. – Mother Teresa

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