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Our Unique Call - Coming Home

The Farmville Team arrived safely and in one piece. The journey of the initial trip from San Pedro Sula airport, as well as the first experiences that allow us to serve, always promises to provide eye-opening reminders of what calls us back. For newcomers, it forms a cemented impression of all the reasons for which they feel "called back." Nury reminded us that she always wants us to feel as if we're coming home when we arrive at the Barnabas House.

Our group had an extra treat awaiting our arrival at the Barnabas House, where 10 children were staying in preparation for both cleft palate and heart surgeries they are to undergo within the next few weeks. The Foundation Director here in Peña Blanca, Nury Janania, allowed us the privilege of meeting with each family; both mom and child. Team members presented each child, accompanied by their mom, with a gift of clothing chosen just for them, as somewhat of a "love token" for their last night prior to departing before surgery.

Antoni was just one of the special ten babes we met today, and the one who left the biggest impression, both clinically and emotionally, on all team members. Antoni has been staying at the Barnabas House for the last two weeks. He is a 14 month old little guy weighing in at 13 lbs. His eyes tell of his short but determined trek at life thus far, as he visibly struggles to breathe while his heart works in great deficit to support his efforts. Antoni has a significant hole in his heart, which allows for only minimal oxygen to circulate through his body. His movements were labored and fatigued and even momentary crying visibly exhausted him. The same condition in the United States would have been routinely repaired by the time a child is 3 months old.

" witness and see the way all of my people survive... I realize how strong my people are and how lucky we are to have what we do have back in states" was a reflection shared with us at the end of the day by a Honduran volunteer for FOB. Without a doubt, we know Antoni is one of those amazingly resilient "people" of whom he spoke.

Michael shared a devotion that spoke about being encouraged not to be paralyzed in the midst of the sometimes depressing and overwhelming question of what one person might be able to do in this world to make a difference. " many terrible things happen every day that we start wondering whether the few things we do ourselves make any sense..." "When we discover what each of our call's might be, and have the strength to trust and live out that call, ...we will find our faithfulness to a small task is the most healing response to the illnesses of our time.” (Henri Nouwen)

May you allow even the small tasks done with faithfulness today to bring you the most joy!

"There was never a person who did anything worth doing that did not receive more than he gave." -Henry Ward Beecher

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