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Our Hearts Beat as One

Like each previous day, Day Three of the mission trip commenced with a wonderful breakfast. However this morning, members of FOB's Honduran staff were able to join our own Mountain Medical Team members in an atmosphere of joy and contentment. As we sat around the table, I was reminded of a quote by Albus Dumbledore which perfectly embodied the camaraderie between our two teams, "While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one." In short, although both teams hail from different countries and speak different languages, we are all unified in our devotion to caring for others.

Following our marvelous breakfast, the team piled into the bus for what was to be a long and yet truly fulfilling day. Upon pulling into the village, one of the foremost tangible points was the congeniality of its inhabitants. We were immediately greeted by throngs of children with smiles on their faces and twinkles in their eyes, eager to facilitate our every endeavor. As the day went on, we witnessed many emotive events. Three infants required IV's due to severe dehydration. Two of the infants were just a year old, whilst the third was just over two years old. In fact, Dr. Carlo was inspired to give his cross to the third infant due to her incredible story. She had been sick with diarrhea for two weeks, was taken to the hospital only to be sent to a clinic, and was then unable to afford the medications prescribed to her at the clinic.

Dr. Chambers was similarly inspired to give his cross to a woman with 11 children. This woman had walked for three hours to the clinic and, upon her arrival, discovered that she was pregnant again. Meanwhile, Deb offered her cross to an elderly couple who informed her of their continuous prayers for our team, and for their tumultuous gratitude at our presence in the village. In a similar light, Annabelle passed her cross on to a young lady named Rosa who we encountered in the village. Rosa eagerly accompanied various members of the team throughout the day, always offering a winning smile and a tinkling laugh.

Over in the eye clinic, Tammy and I observed our own touching moments in the expressions of patients receiving glasses for the very first time. The sunlight of newfound vision spread in rays across their faces as these men, women, and children observed Tammy and me clearly for the very first time, as if a fog had been cleared away from the mirror of their eyes.

As the day came to a close, I felt more and more blessed to be in the company of such great team members. We were all able to witness Tammy's impromptu horse ride on a local horse, Gabie, Annabelle, and Tammy's selfies with our armed Honduran guards, and Debbie's description of a family with six children in which there were three boys--all named "José Martinez"--added a sweet touch to a successful and rewarding day. While we have come to the sunset on this day of adventure, tomorrow morning's sunrise is eager to greet us with the warm and welcoming glow of assuredness in the service that we will provide, and the contentment that we will receive in turn from our achievements.

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