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Flying Fast

Time flies so fast around here! No one on the team can believe that today is day six, and that we will be returning to the land of plenty in just a few short days.

This morning, our team enjoyed a plentiful breakfast of fresh vegetables, beans, eggs, and toast before embarking on the two hour journey to Santa Fe de Abajo, presumably the largest village yet. The journey, other than the time it took to get there, was actually quite pleasant. More than half of the ride was on paved road! Even when we were on a dirt road, it was decently smooth driving. Upon arrival, we immediately knew that it was going to be a long day. It looked like half of Honduras had come to receive medical care!

Although the day was in fact long, it was considered to be one of the most enjoyable. Not to say the other villages were not, but the people at Santa Fe were extremely kind, respectful, and above all patient. Despite the endless lines for the clinics, the Honduran people were calm and patient in line, they did not bicker about spaces in line, nor did they become grumpy when we had to close down the clinics temporarily for lunch. It is quite amazing how respectful these people are for one another.

In the clinics, we met many amazing people. For instance, we met a man who was 97 years old (born in 1918) and still walked, carried things, and had a full head of black hair! Also, we met a woman who had lived in New Jersey for a couple years and spoke a bit of English. It is truly amazing when someone (who lives in a remote village in the mountains of Honduras) walks into a clinic and begins speaking English!

After treating more than 300 patients, we finally began to pack up our things as the sun began to set behind the mountains. The trip home was uneventful and quite peaceful (as we were able to see the sunset very well from various clear vantage points on the road high in the mountains). When we arrived back at Barnabas house, the sun had fully set and the team was hungry for a freshly cooked meal. The dinner for tonight was a paella of fresh tilapia and vegetables. We also had rice, beans, potatoes, and tortillas. After dinner, the team gathered for devotions; and finally, went off to get some much needed sleep.

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