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Monday's Journal

Today began at the early hour of 6:30 am. We all gathered in the dining room for an amazing breakfast and authentic Honduran coffee. As we all enveloped ourselves in bug spray, we gathered on the bus and began our two hour ride to the remote community of El Candungo. We all watched in awe as Marco, the bus driver, managed to maneuver the bus onto some of the smallest streets some of us had ever seen.

Upon arrival, the very friendly and welcoming people, helped us to unload our bus. We all then began organizing our stations for the arrival of oncoming patients. Clay began taking weights, Pedro began organizing the medicines, and Claire began setting up the dental clinic. As the patients began to come, many of our translators jumped into action, speaking to the medical staff and the numerous patients that came to them.

Throughout our day, many different stories came from the men and women of El Candungo. One man, who was treated by Dr. Bob and Jill, came in and his form noted that he was blind. However, when he went to the vision clinic to visit Carol, Patricia, and Marco, his vision was restored. When he finally received his long-needed glasses, he smiled because he could finally see his wife clearly.

After finishing our day in the community, we enjoyed the beautiful ride back down the mountain to Peña Blanca. We all got ice cream with the FOB staff. Then we went back to Alfredo House and had a delicious dinner. We finished off our terrific day with competitive games of Happy Family and Bananagrams.

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