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Day Four

Day Four began bright and early with most of the team awake and sipping coffee by 6:15am. At 6:30, the Reveille team, accompanied by the entire Honduras FOBF staff, sat down for another hardy Honduran breakfast. During the meal, Nury introduced all of the staff to us, and Claire introduced all of us to the Honduran staff. It was nice to hear a little bit of information about each of the staff with whom we were working.

At 7:30, the whole team piled into the bus and settled in for the nearly 2 hour ride through what seemed to be the most technical and non-automobile friendly road in Honduras. At one point, we crossed a bridge that was barely the width of the bus and had no guard rails. At any rate, we made it to the village in one piece. Upon arrival, we were met by a crowd of people who were anxiously waiting outside the gates of the small school house. After unpacking the bus and setting up the clinics, Sherry introduced our team to the Honduran crowd with a very thoughtful speech. From there, we began letting people come into the different clinics and our work for the day began.

We met many interesting people with extraordinary backgrounds throughout the day. We met a young woman (15 years old) who was lovingly carrying her 3 year old child through each of the clinics to make sure he was perfectly healthy. We even met a man who was walking around in a VCU shirt! Go Rams! He had apparently received it as a donation in Guatemala, but still - small world! When it was time to pack up again, the people from the village kindly did all of the heavy lifting for us and in no time at all, the bus was packed and we were ready to head back to Barnabas House.

When we arrived back at home, we took showers and had some leisure time before dinner was ready. When dinner was served, we reflected on the events of the day and chatted with the Honduran staff who had decided to stay for a quick meal. After dinner, Jill led the team in devotions and a few songs. From there, the team split up for the night. There were a few games of Skipbo and Bananagrams before bed; but other than that, most everyone was in bed by 9 o’clock.

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