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Burning Bush

Tuesday was the team’s day to have breakfast with the Honduran staff. We all sat in the dining area together and were introduced to each other. It is difficult to shower enough praise on the Hondurans who do the work of the Foundation and more importantly are called by God to serve their fellow Hondurans. FOBF’s mission is, in part, to enable communities to become self-sufficient and the Honduran staff serves on the front lines of accomplishing our mission.

In the last 15 years, over 2,800 volunteers have come to Honduras on behalf of Friends of Barnabas; however it is the resident staff that carries on when no teams are in country. We had our devotion today about Moses and the burning bush and the Honduran staff exemplifies that story. They saw the burning bush and answered the call to serve.

As we gathered tonight after dinner, the team wanted to share that in the El Cedral, Las Vegas (not the same as our Las Vegas) community there were a number of older women who were in excellent health and we also had the opportunity to serve three newborns with the youngest only 7 days old.

The second day in clinic showed that the team is not only growing but are uniting in mission and goal. The day was much smoother and much busier. The line for today came from one of our members who knows just enough Spanish to mess it up badly. He has a standard greeting for the clinic visitors: "Mi nombre es Mike. Soy enfermero. Hablo español muy poco y muy malo." This means: "My name is Mike. I am a nurse. I speak Spanish very little and very badly." As the day wore on and everyone was getting tired and the part about being a nurse came out, "Soy enfermo” which means "I am sick." The noisy clinic stopped and everyone looked, particularly the patient who was going to be seen by the "sick nurse."

The team has approached the burning bush and is on Holy Ground. God sent Moses back to Egypt and he is sending the team to Aguas de la Reyna tomorrow.

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