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Let It Shine

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans...

Today we planned to visit a large community, but the community was unable to host us. Instead we served the community our travel delays forced us to cancel on Monday.

God had a plan for us.

We boarded the bus at Alfredo's House just as Marco discovered a puddle of oil (from a broken hose). While we waited for the repair Nury provided the team with a tour of the whole Friends of Barnabas facility. We marveled at the lush pataste garden. We smiled during the tour of the extended care rooms with their bright wall murals. And we got tears as we realized how many children are served by extended care.

Once the bus was repaired we headed for the community. We arrived, setup and began seeing families in record time. Mark and Rafael cared for a little boy who played with all of Mark's tools, including flipping through cell phone pictures.

Suzanne discovered just how sweet it is to rock Honduran babies as she walked and cuddled a sweet baby while the rest of the family was treated. Hannah and Cora are our "Dental Divas." They are becoming skilled enough to anticipate the tool Dr. Adan will need.

Team 3 has two special team members. Alyssa Mavi, a grad student completing an internship by gathering data about the communities we serve. She meets with the community leaders asking key questions to help FOBF further develop the community health education program. Chuck Schwarzbeck joined us from Los Angeles where he is an independent film maker. He is 'everywhere' capturing the staff and the team as they carry out the FOB mission. But his best pictures are of the faces of the beautiful Honduran children we serve.

As we reflected on the day this evening we embraced Stacey's morning devotional message that included several rounds of "This Little Light of Mine." She chose this song as a reminder that we all have special gifts, talents, and tools and we should do our best to let them shine.

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