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Prep Continues

Preparations for this cardiac team have been going on for some time. Even before the first team members arrived, our Barnabas House staff has been caring for eight of our surgery patients. These children have been staying at the Barnabas House with their mothers (in one case, the grandmother) since the second week of January. The BH staff has worked to provide nutritional support, a clean environment, and identify and treat other health issues that would make surgery difficult.

When you walk into the dining area during mealtime, you can tell this group has become a family. The older children encourage the younger ones to eat. The mothers all chip in to care for each other’s children while chores get done. There is lots of talking and laughing!

These children are much younger than the September group, with more girls than boys. There are more hugs, and less kicking of the soccer ball. Moises has learned that the girls like to play train with him, instead of running around the yard. He has also become the little pastor of the group. Elvin pushes Erika around in the stroller.

As always, there is the feeling of God's peace here. Waking up to see the sun lighting up the mountain, reminds us of where our help comes from. The mothers are feeling anxious and the children know that something big will happen soon. They are all wrapped in the love and prayers of hundreds of people. We are praying big!! We ask that you pray big too.

Meanwhile, in San Pedro Sula, team members continue to arrive. The work continues in order to ensure that the team and is fully prepared for the surgeries that will begin Monday morning. Equipment has been moved and tested; duffels and crates have been unpacked; and shelves have been stocked. Everyone pitched in!

There were also lots of meetings on Thursday to plan, collaborate with all of the involved in Little Hearts Project to make certain all will go smoothly for the surgeries.

The team left Ruth Paz around 7 pm and had dinner together in the dining room of the hotel. Lots of conversation and laughter filled the room, as old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships were made.

It rained during the night and continues this morning, a poignant reminder that all things, including little hearts, can be made new.

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