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¡Qué lindo!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Friends of Barnabas bus rolled into the tiny community of Los Hules this morning. The school buildings were small, so the medical stations were cozy; the dental clinic was set up in the only other classroom; the de-worming, Vitamin A and fluoride station arranged itself under the tent; and the eye clinic moved into an adjacent family home.

The one-room cinder block home/eye clinic was very typical of local Honduran homes. About 10 x 10 feet square, it was home to a family of five. There were some mattresses and a bed for a small child, two small plastic chests of drawers (one for clothes and one for the kitchen food and equipment), an entertainment center with a small TV and a "boom box," a small table, two chairs, a hammock and two electrical outlets. It was spotless. Cooking and laundry were outdoor activities. There was a shared outhouse. Twelve "pollitos" (baby chicks) fluffed around the yard and a little boy guided a big white goose around with a stick.

The eye clinic team set up 12 large boxes and 12 small boxes containing 2,000 pairs of prescription glasses and 1,000 pairs of reading glasses and began seeing community members. Two little residents of the house watched the goings-on from outside the window. At the end of the day the madre de la casa was given a cross for generously sharing her home with the team.

One gentleman, upon trying on his new glasses, looked out the window and said, "¡Qué lindo!" Another woman said "Without glasses I couldn't see anything. Now I can read the Bible!" A little lady, not quite four feet tall, carrying a shopping bag and a hand-hewn cane, hugged and kissed the eye clinic team.

Dr. Ed reported that he was seeing patients with rashes today that he hadn't seen before, and felt so blessed to be surrounded by a team of doctors and nurses who could work together to share their skills and experience, to diagnose and treat the community members.

Children drew fantastic creatures on the butcher paper table covers, had their fingernails painted blue and sparkly, and chatted enthusiastically. Little Enrique, full of felicidad, received Julia's cross.

Cynthia gave her cross to a lovely lady who had just lost her aunt yesterday, and is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

The team has really bonded in the short time we have had together. Dinner was full of laughter, and lasted an hour and a half. We couldn't stop sharing the stories of the day.

We will all definitely have more addresses on our Christmas card lists!

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