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Here We Go!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

After a full evening spent appreciating the stunning beauty of the Barnabas House vistas, we enjoyed another delicious dinner thanks to Virginia and Albita. Fish and vegetables with flan for dessert, oh my! The communal meals are already the team members' three favorite events of every day. The gift of healthy food and team building conversations have been a crucial part of the trip -- and the fact that someone else cooks AND cleans the dishes is truly a wonderful thing.

The conversational dogs and mooing cows lulled us to sleep, and the piercing chirps of a windowsill gecko woke us at dawn. After breakfast we went by minibus to the Pulhapanzak Waterfall, where half of our group braved the challenge of the 11-section zip line! The rest of us cheered from the sidelines and admired their technique and style.

The beauty of Honduras is evident in every aspect we discover. Nury, Barnabas House director, says that Honduras is a blessed country because of the bountiful nature that its people have preserved. In her opinion, an essential source of hope in this country stems from the fact that it is possible to plant a seed in the ground, and within a year there will be a sizable green plant because of the moist and nurturing environment. The lush, green countryside is an incredible sight for the drought-stricken Californians on the team. The days have been beautiful, with comfortable temperatures, though promised rainstorms have yet to appear.

The street scenes from the minibus windows reminded some of us of other countries in which we have traveled, but the unique character of the Honduran communities is making itself evident. The unique architectural elements, motorcycle repair shops, crowded soccer fields, busy Sunday markets, parents walking with toddlers, trucks speeding between speed bumps, every type of flowering vine growing on fences along every road, and potholes that could swallow a small vehicle gave us a genuine introduction to the nature of the countryside into which we have been welcomed so warmly this week.

All members of the Church of the Epiphany team look forward to a full, productive week meeting and caring for the members of the mountainside communities above Peña Blanca. We have traveled a long way and look forward to getting to work.

Thank you for your prayers and support -- here we go!

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