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Gaining Strength

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday may be a day of rest; however, things continue to be busy both at the hospital in San Pedro Sula and the Barnabas House. Three of our patients remain in the hospital, gaining strength and preparing for their trip back to the Barnabas House. Those patients at the Barnabas House are making great strides in their recoveries.

Today, as part of the recovery activities, we advanced to a very mild form of soccer. An opportunity to kick the ball around will get any Honduran boy up and moving. We were restricted to the porch, but it was still “futbol!” Our older kids are great at motivating each other. And our little ones, who had their surgeries first, are running circles around the big guys.

The camera brought out the personalities we saw in these patients before their surgeries. Giggles are wonderful to hear!

Dayani was welcomed back to the Barnabas House late this afternoon. She looked as she had never spent a day in the hospital, getting out of the minivan with her hair in braids and a smile on her face.

Tomorrow many of the surgical team head back to the states. A handful will stay for a few more days, and then turn everything over to the Honduran staff at Ruth Paz. And at the Barnabas House, our patients will continue to recover, given care and support until they given the “okay” to return to their homes. Again, we covet your prayers for safe travels, for waiting families, but most of all for the continued recovery of our patients. They are our little miracles!

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