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Babies, Bubbles & Selfies, Oh My!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Our day began checking out our newest little addition (no name yet, but many suggestions). Mom and baby took a short trip to Pena Blanca’s Health Clinic for her newborn check and initial immunizations. Big sister, Mercy, stayed back at the Barnabas House and watched movies with the big kids. After lunch Mom, baby and big sister were on their way home to begin the next part of their life’s journey; Mercy with a heart that was repaired, and a new baby sister to boot.

Bubbles were the draw of the day. Our little guys helped each other blow bubbles and walk around. Hazmer spent much of his day proving to Patti that he could take deep breaths. Taking “selfies”, playing nurse, singing and learning how to play Candy Crush were other activities that filled our morning.

This afternoon we welcomed back Jessica and Luis. Both were tired from their trip back to the Barnabas House, but perked up after a short rest in a soft bed. We have heard that both Dayani and Loyda have done well with their surgeries. We received update on those surgery patients still at Ruth Paz. God’s hand has been on all of our young patients, as well as on those who have cared for them. His love is new every morning, great is His faithfulness! Let’s see what tomorrow morning brings our way.

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