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Wednesday, September 24

We had a great day of rejoicing here at the Barnabas House! The morning was super quiet, as there were only 4 patients here. Our newest group of students, Kat and Shannon, spent the morning with Professor Micah gathering statistics from our patient charts, having detailed discussions about the anatomy and physiology of pediatric hearts, and generally enjoying time with our patient families.

A patient on the schedule for a cath procedure on Friday came by to have his pre-op exam done.

At 2:30pm, life at the house changed. All the staff and patients heard the minivan coming up the drive, and rushed to greet our first post-surgery patients. Suany and Diego are doing wonderfully! Suany even danced for us in the kitchen tonight. Diego who had not spoken to any of us before surgery, actually said, “¡Hola, Patti!” Score!!!

Our Barnabas Foundation staff continues to work very hard, long hours. Marco, Melvin and Pedro are driving hours each day, transporting patients and team members to their destinations. Berta’s day begins at 4am when she cooks for the mothers leaving for the hospital at 5am. She is here until 7 or 8 pm, leaving a spotless kitchen behind, having cooked dozens of meals. Doctora Moncada and Dalila gather histories, do physicals and coordinate getting patients ready for their procedures. Zenaida works the dreaded night shift. Ada and Annabel come to care for our patients whenever there is a need for extra hands. Danilo is the first awake, transporting the staff to work, and the last to go to bed, being sure all is well around the compound. Jose and Don Leo make sure we are always safe. These folks are tireless.

Tomorrow’s surgeries include Axel (our “little old man”) and Melvin (our most active pre-teen). Our cath procedures include Christopher, Randal and Anwar. Our prayers tonight are for successful procedures and full of thanksgiving for healing little hearts.

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