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Let's Bounce!

Friday, July 18

Today we set off for our final clinic in the village Las Quebradas. The journey to the village was a shorter one, with an exciting little drive through a creek! Once we set up the clinic, we began work with the same steady work ethic that we’ve maintained all week. We’ve all developed a taste for Honduras coffee and sweet bread, so it’s always a treat when the people of the village offer us some homemade refreshment.

Although we can’t believe the week went by this fast, it’s enjoyable to look back on everything we have accomplished! We saw a total of 1186 patients in the general clinic, 162 patients in the eye clinic, 403 patients dewormed, 244 patients given fluoride treatments, 66 patients given vitamin A treatments, 66 dental patients, and 125 tooth extractions. All this hard work adds up to a total of 2331 patient encounters by our team this week. These incredible numbers really show how far God’s love can reach. Each of us worked our hardest this week in continuance of Christ’s work.

Once we finished our final clinic, we started packing everything into the bus, or as Elmer calls it, “his teddy bear,” for the last time. While waiting for everything to be packed, some of us taught Elmer some English slang in the form of the saying “Let’s Bounce!” instead of “Let’s go!” Once everyone was on the bus and we were ready to go, Elmer turned to us all and said, “Let’s bounce!” which of course we all found hilarious. Once we arrived back at Alfredo House, we completed the inventory of all the medicine and materials, with Pedro’s help of course.

We also had to say goodbye to our wonderful translators. After dinner during our devotional, Anne Marie asked us each to say two words that sum up our week. Pedro, changing the rules to seven words said, “I am going to miss you guys.” We were all so touched by his observations about our passion for mission work. He also said he will miss our many jokes!!

Today was an amazing last clinic, and though we are sorry to see it go, we know that the work we did here has made an incredible impact. Some of us are already scheming to when we can return! Everyone’s excited for the zip lining tomorrow and can’t wait to see the waterfall!

The Reveille UMC Mountain Medical Team

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