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¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Thomas!

Monday, July 14

Today was a busy day! Thomas Gentry, one of our team members, turned 15 today. Waking up early we all came to breakfast ready for the clinic dressed in our scrubs. Gathering our belongings, we boarded the bus and made our way to our first clinic in Terrero Blanco. The beautiful mountain scenery of the drive served as a quality distraction to the bumpy roads. Upon arrival at the school where the clinic was held, the community helped us unload the bus and we set up the different work stations. Each of us began our work with a deep determination to make our first day of work a success.

The clinic was full of many children today, all who were fascinated by everyone’s work. Their childhood curiosity had us laughing all day. We were also so impressed by our translators who really guided us to provide the best care possible. At the end of the day, a bunch of us played soccer in the fields next to the school with the children. On the bus ride back to Alfredo House, most of us were quiet due to tiredness from a hard day’s work and reflection.

After we had dinner back at Alfredo house, we had cake to celebrate Thomas’s birthday! We were all tired but we rallied when Nury told us a band was coming. Nury brought in a traditional Honduran band for us to enjoy. Nury started off the dancing with our translator, Selim, and pretty soon we were all joining in. The band really helped us discover that we are all superior dancers (HAHA)! After the dancing and music, we had a quick devotional where we all went around and said two words that came to mind when we thought of today. Focusing on what we took most from the day really helped to center us on the importance of our work. Our team is looking forward to tomorrow’s work!

The Reveille UMC Mountain Medical Team

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