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Our First Day

Monday, June 23, 2014

How do I even begin to describe our first day? The bus ride was an adventure in itself. Traveling two hours up and down the mountainside to reach our destination, we were able to experience the rough terrain the people of Honduras have to travel just to obtain necessities of life. We safely made it to the community of El Candungo and then proceeded to unload and set up our stations. Our grand total of patients seen in the medical clinic was 185 in 6 hours; with an age range was from 1 month old to 82 years young. As one of the newer members of the team, I tried to watch and learn from those who had been here before. I was in sheer amazement of the organization and teamwork that emerged from a bus full of strangers. I have begun to realize that each day not only brings us closer to the people of Honduras, but joins us as a family brought together by Christ.

After today’s experience, I truly feel that our Lord has placed each one of us here together for the sole purpose of being an extension of him. The simple things we did today weren’t considered simple to those who we served. The people in this community were very proud and extremely grateful for things that many of us take for granted. Today put life into prospective for me that we are all God’s children no matter where we live, our nationality or our age. We are truly blessed to be a part of something so wonderful and are ready to do it again tomorrow.

The Rockbridge Mountain Medical Team

Doris Fredricksen Kelsee Grant

Kelly Jo Bailey Jill Kissinger-Hawks

Teri Baker Fay Painter

Bobby Berkstresser Karina Quintans

Sammy Cash Brian Ross

Aileen Cassada Penny Ross

Jennifer Cassell Judy Thomason

Sharon Chandler Erica Vaughan

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