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Las Flores

Every year I've been on a FOB mountain medical team, Friday perfectly rounds out the whole week. This year was no different. Our community today, Las Flores, was smaller and so the clinics were less hectic. In the past we have gone to a community near the Barnabas House, so we were fortunate to see some of the same people.

Don and Bill had a lovely woman today. Her hair was curly and stood on end, her smile was contagious. She came with her 30-year-old son. After addressing her concerns, Don spent over thirty minutes removing large amounts of wax from his ears. After he was finished the man could hear much better.

In past years, I have taken pictures of two beautiful twin girls with stunning green eyes. It just so happens that they had moved to the community we served today. (I shouldn't have been surprised, clearly God's work). When the girls came through after getting their cards, they found me and embraced me. My heart melted. It is that feeling that keeps me coming back, year after year.

The most amazing story from today is told through Rhonda. Two years ago in the nearby community, a beautiful 17 year old came through the clinic. She also had piercing eyes and a sweet disposition. However, when she smiled you noticed that her four front teeth were rotten. The dentist had no choice but to pull all of those teeth. Rhonda was so moved by this girl. She wept over her while she sat in the chair, and gave her cross away, unsure of how this girl would go through life without her smile. Rhonda prayed for that girl that day, and continued to pray for her at home. When this young woman appeared in the clinic today, you could feel God's presence. And when she smiled, she had a full set of dentures. It was a wonderful testament to God's amazing power and grace.

We had a lovely devotion tonight, speaking of our experiences throughout this week. The comment that struck me the most was, "Jesus changed the world with 12 disciples. We have 14. We need to carry home this feeling of servitude and show it in our homes, our work, in our everyday life. If we can make this feeling contagious, great things could happen."

General clinic - 121

Eyes - 34

Deworm - 45

Vitamin A - 12

Dental - 12

Extractions - 21

Mallory Williams

for the Harrisonburg 2014 Team

Jack Garber

Stan Holland

Gary Lucas

Brad McMullen

Bill Mohan

Don Mundy

Karen Purcell

Phil Quagliariello

Paul Quillen

Rhonda Rexrode

Samuel Rexrode

Lisa Stark

Ben Williams

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