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Wednesday's Journal

Today we spent a very hot day in the community of Aguas de la Reina. The bus ride was long, over a hard, bumpy road. When we first arrived, there was only a handful of people; however after about 20 minutes, people continued to arrive. We ended up seeing more than 200 people, which made for a busy day!

Lisa gave her cross today to a girl in the dental clinic. This girl suffers from epilepsy and had not taken her medication for a month. The dentist, Dr. Arita, took extra time with this young patient, and everything went smoothly. Lisa led a prayer before the procedure and God’s presence was felt in the room.

Sam gave his cross today to a friendly girl who spent most of the day as his shadow. After her fluoride treatment in the morning, she didn't leave until the end. She carried on a conversation with him as if he understood exactly what she was saying (which he didn't). A perfect example of how language does not hinder friendship!

Several sick and malnourished children were seen in the clinic today. Don saw a 10 month old boy with a fever and generalized sickness. He had a fast heart rate and fast respirations. He had no response to touch and was lethargic. No matter what you did to him he wouldn't cry. I often get annoyed when I hear inconsolable babies; however it would have been a relief to hear that from him. Doctora Moncada diagnosed a respiratory infection. He was given antibiotics and will receive a follow-up exam.

Tomorrow we have a long drive to a big community. Praying for good rest tonight in order to be ready for another busy day!

General clinic - 207

Deworming - 67

Vitamin A - 13

Fluoride - 5

Eye clinic - 39

Dental care - 35

Extractions - 56

Referrals - 2

Mallory Williams

for the Harrisonburg 2014 Team

Jack Garber

Stan Holland

Gary Lucas

Brad McMullen

Bill Mohan

Don Mundy

Karen Purcell

Phil Quagliariello

Paul Quillen

Rhonda Rexrode

Samuel Rexrode

Lisa Stark

Ben Williams

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