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Rhythm - No Instructions Needed

The beautiful spirit of the children of Santa Fe Abajo warmed the hearts of the Trinity team members as they provided medical services in this rural community. These little ones waited patiently as both they and their family members were evaluated and treated. Dr. Curry noted, “The kids were so pleased with the bracelets and stickers,” which were given out as small tokens of love for the children’s great spirits.

The dental clinic was literally humming with activity today. There were 102 extractions performed, several of these difficult dental cases involved children as young as nine or ten years old. Dr. Arita quietly hummed to one young patient, calming her nerves and providing loving reassurance as he helped her through a tough procedure. This is Dr. Arita’s third year with the Trinity team.

The vitamin A and de-worming station has seen record numbers this week and today was no different. Two hundred and twenty-six patients visited this station. From Roger’s point of view, it is because of “Ana’s (our interpreter) caring nature and Bert’s expertise.”

This was the fourth day of beautiful sunshine which helped keep the roads passable. The Trinity team, which dedicated this year’s trip in memory of Julie Peters, is sure she had something to do with the wonderful weather. Don Pierce gave his cross to a mother who had lost a child and was in severe pain, both physically and emotionally. She had “no life in her eyes.” This mother reminded Don of a patient that Julie connected with on a previous trip. He gave her his cross so that she would have something to hold onto -- much in the same way that remembering Julie has inspired the team’s hard work in Honduras this week.

Clinic - 218

Dental - 64

Extractions - 102

Eyes - 57

Deworming - 192

Vitamin A - 28

Fluoride - 13

Referrals to Extended Care Program - 3

The Trinity Mountain Medical Team

Don Boyd, Team Leader

Heather Case

Bill Curry

Charles Green

Roger Hart

Sarah Henley

Lynn Johnston

Thomas Lott

Bert Norfleet, Jr.

Don Pierce

Virginia Rhines

Jane Tucker

Art Utley

Cheryl Walsh

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