Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners of Friends of Barnabas provide both significant financial and in-kind support throughout the year.

Community Partnerships

We are proud of our community partnerships, allowing churches, civic organizations, families, and individuals to partner with communities in need in Honduras.  Our partners are helping to bring healthcare to children and to strengthen the communities in which these children live.

Our Community Partnerships were born out of a desire for our 30 communities to have a more personal source of support. It is our goal to find a Community Partner for each community in our Community Health Development Program.

Through an annual contribution of $3,250.00, a Friends of Barnabas Community Partner, provides the following to a sponsored community:

     ¨ Transportation resources for Mountain Medical Teams,

     ¨ Educational support for community leaders and community health volunteers,

     ¨ Midwife training and support,

     ¨ Community lectures and workshops by our Community Health Nurse,

     ¨ Home visits during community education session.


Our Partners Stay connected:  Our Community Partners receive updates, stories, and photos as their community is visited throughout the year.  They are able to stay connected and see how their partnership makes a difference. 

We are grateful for our first seven Community Partnerships

     Bruce and Susan Carter Family                                             La Quesera

     Grace Lutheran Church                                                            El Cedral

     Howard Chapel-Ridgeville United Methodist Church      Las Cuchilla and La Venade

     Harmony United Methodist Church                                     Los Aquajes

     Farmville United Methodist Church                                     Buenos Aires Las Vegas

     Reveille United Methodist Church                                        El Cielito

     South Richmond Rotary                                                           Los Hules


To learn more about how you or your organization can take part in the Community Partnership program, contact us at (804) 744-5624 or e-mail