Barnabas Medicine Box Project

The purpose of the Barnabas Medicine Box Project is to eliminate unnecessary suffering by providing free medication, training, and consultations to members of FOB partner communities during our temporary suspension of Mountain Medical Teams due to COVID-19.

Children often die due to conditions that are preventable or easily treatable such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Quite often, these illnesses can be cured with simple, affordable medications.


By developing trained health volunteers in our partner communities, working within our Community Health Development Program, FOB is creating advocates for good health who can improve access to primary medical treatments and ensure a sustainable level of primary care for their community now and in the future.

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Why now?

The global pandemic has forced changes in FOB programming but our commitment to our 30 partner communities remains strong. While we are unable to send Mountain Medical Teams to Honduras at this time; through remote education, video trainings, and regular check ins, FOB is continuing to offer support.


The communities are protecting their health through lock down efforts, limiting traveling in and out of their communities.  To date, all 30 partner communities are free of COVID-19; however, we know that at this point, these families have very little in terms of medical supplies.



Six communities currently have health volunteers trained in basic first aid and self care support, giving them the necessary skills to manage the use of a Barnabas Medicine Box. Supported through weekly consultations by FOB's medical staff, this box will allow community members to stay inside the community and ensure their safety and good health. A disease and treatment manual will also be provided and tele-medicine support by FOB medical staff will be offered when needed.

The Significance of your Gift

The Barnabas Medicine Box Project has been designed to support six communities for six months. You, your family, or your team or group can pledge support in many ways.


The following represents ways to support one community for one month:

$500 provides a full medicine box

$125 provides vitamins for women, children & infants

$100 provides respiratory & allergy medications for children & adults

$50 covers staff support through tele-medicine and the cost of transportation $25 provides cough syrup for children and adults

We are especially grateful for any gifts made as monthly contributions to ensure consistency of care.  Please call 804-744-5624 to set this up.

Each gift of support is a gift of good health.