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Extended Care

The Extended Care Program was developed for children whose medical needs go beyond what their parents can provide. Care is managed through FOB’s Barnabas House Clinic and also through a network of partner organizations. Children admitted to this program suffer from cardiac defects, neurological disorders, cleft lip and cleft palates, sickle cell anemia, vision issues, and other defects and illnesses.


The Extended Care Program focuses on children ages birth to 18 years. ​


Friends of Barnabas partners with other nonprofits working in Honduras that sponsor surgical teams, by providing pre-op, post-op, and follow-up care to children in need. Rather than trying to duplicate services, collaborating in this way allows Friends of Barnabas to maximize our resources while building relationships with other great organizations in-country, which in turn allows all of us to help more children in need. 

Educational workshops for parents and caregivers are held through the Extended Care Program, such as coping with neurological disorders, palliative care, nutrition, support for families of children with Down syndrome, and medication safety and administration.


Partner facilities with various medical specialties are utilized whenever possible and children enrolled in the ECP are provided with patient case management; home visits by FOB’s physician and nurses; transportation to appointments with specialists and hospitals throughout Honduras; medications and medical equipment; and treatments and surgeries deemed necessary.






Referrals to the Extended Care Program are generated from Mountain Medical Teams as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hospitals, and agencies throughout Honduras. 


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