Early Childhood Development

In 2015, Friends of Barnabas kicked off a brand new pilot program centered on the education of developmental delays in children, the use of screening tools in the rural communities we work with in Honduras, and the value of practical therapy methods for children.  New studies show that the stress of poverty is a risk factor for poor brain development, and early intervention can be a child's best chance to thrive.


In this exciting new focus for us, we are working with Honduran medical and development professionals, community health volunteers, and parents of special needs children in order to increase early diagnosis and improve children's strength, coordination, and speech. 


Friends of Barnabas staff and volunteers will teach our community leaders how to use these simple tools to improve the lives of children in their community.  By teaching parents and community health volunteers how to use these physical, occupational, and speech therapies combined with play, kids with special needs and developmental delays will be diagnosed sooner.  The sooner we find out what a child needs, the sooner we can help, with a better chance at a happy, healthy life for that boy or girl. 

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