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At the beginning of the pandemic, the staff at Friends of Barnabas quickly prioritized our programming focus.  We knew our Extended Care Patients had to receive their medications in a timely fashion and we also knew that our communities would need ongoing support and education. 


Extended Care Program (ECP)

  • Patients have been placed in WhatsApp groups by diagnosis to allow ease in disseminating education and important information to the parents.  One of our Honduran medical staff is assigned to each diagnostic group.

  • Parent group leaders have been identified according to the geographic area in which they reside.  Parent leaders are assigned to a group of ECP patients that live closest to them.  These parent leaders are responsible for traveling to the Barnabas House, receiving the medications and distributing the prescribed medications to the patients in their group.  Parents in each group contribute to the purchase of gas needed for the leader’s travel.

  • We usually depend on our Mountain Medical teams to carry ECP medications to Honduras each month.  We have been blessed to have the assistance of the Honduran consulate in Miami to get one medication shipment to Honduras.  We now have the needed licensure to be able to ship medications via Blessings International directly to Honduras in the future.

  • 90% of our ECP patients are being reached each week.


Community Health Development Program (CHDP)

  • Written materials, videos and voice messages of encouragement are being sent to 30 different communities each week.  These get sent via WhatsApp to a designated person in each community, then shared throughout the community.

  • Topics covered in educational communications include:

    • COVID-19 related topics

    • Early childhood development related topics

    • General preventative health and self-care topics

    • Recipes using moringa

  • Medicine cabinets have been made and filled with simple over the counter medications to be used in 6 pilot communities.  Each community has a health promoter who has been trained in the use of and dispensing of these medications.  The reports are sent weekly to our Honduran medical staff and telehealth calls are available if needed.

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